Lipstick Moulds Available.

A lipstick cylinder is a cylindrical-shaped device that usually is made of either metal or plastic. The base of the tube is typically twisted by hand to push the lipstick up and out so that it can be applied to the plashy lips. After applying, rotating the base of the tube in the opposite direction usually pulls the lipstick back inside. There typically is a cap that is placed on top of the tube to protect the open end of the lipstick from damage. Make-up tubes generally are small enough to fit inside a purse or makeup bag, which can make it easy for people to take with them to reapply lipstick as needed.

Below in no specific order are 7 machines that are found in industrial, medical, food, and retail packaging applications throughout the world.

Labelling Machines

Labelling and coding machines are used for industrial, retail, food, and pharmaceutical packaging applications. Most packaged products use some form of labelling or coding. Labelling machines are used for applying branded labels for advertising and/or bar codes for inventory and batch management.

Tape Machines

Carton sealers are used in most packaging applications utilizing corrugated boxes. Tape guns are used in smaller operations, but higher volumes require case sealers for efficient packaging. Manual and automatic case sealers are used in retail, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical bulk packaging.


Conveyors are used with many different types of packaging machines. Conveyors transport products from one location to another. There are a variety of conveyors used within the packaging industry. A major factor in determining a conveyor type is the use of power.

A powered conveyor requires an electrical source for power. A non-powered conveyor uses gravity for product transportation. The type and make of the conveyor being used depend on the products being packaged. Different package shapes and sizes require different conveyor rollers and belts for smooth transport.

Filling Machines

Filling machines are most often, but not exclusively used in the food packaging industry. Filling machines are used to fill liquids, grains, and other products into a container. The accuracy and of the filling machine helps to efficiently maintain a consistent product for consumers.


Sealers are used in multiple forms of flexible packaging applications. Many products within industrial, retail, pharmaceutical, and food packaging are sealed using a form of heat sealer. Sealers come in multiple sizes and specifications. They can be used in small operations and fully automatic operations.

A heat sealer uses heat to melt plastic or adhesive together to seal off a package. Heat sealers are used for many different products throughout the world to help protect from product tampering and contamination.

Strapping/Bundling Machines

The most popular use for strapping machines is a reinforcement of heavy boxes during shipping and retail sales. Polypropylene strapping is strong and quickly applied for added security. Strapping machines use heat to mend ends together for durable reinforcement.

Another common use for a strapping machine is bundling applications. Strapping can help unitize multiple products together and secure products for transport. Bundling is a great option for securing longer objects such as lumber and metal rods.

Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch wrapping machines are found in warehouses around the world. The alternative for pallet wrapping is applying stretch film by hand. Most companies opt for a machine once production exceeds 8-12 pallets daily.

Though most stretch wrapping machines are found in industrial applications, they are used in thousands of different businesses around the world. Many bulk packaged products are unitized on a pallet with a stretch wrapping machine prior to being delivered retail stores.

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