What and Why are Augers important.

Lets take a look at Augers

Simply put, an auger is a spiral-shaped tool that is used to drill holes into the ground and other surfaces or materials.

The spiralling metal shaft with a blade at the end of the device is known as a “flighting”. The flighting rotates to scrape, cut, or siphon out drilled materials. Debris from the drilled materials moves along the flighting and out of the hole during the blade’s rotation.

Like many other specialty tools, there is not just one type of auger.  Augers can be found for many different drilling purposes, with each version designed to work with specific materials, surfaces, or other requirements.

Augers can also be identified by their different names – power earth drills, grain augers, and ice augers to name a few. They can be powered by an electric motor while attached to a tractor or used manually by hand.

What Are Common Auger Sizes?

Augers can be found in just about any size you can imagine. From a modestly sized handheld unit to units that need to be towed behind a tractor.

Typically, the auger drill bit sizes are available in the following diameters:

The available depths for an auger are generally 1 and 2 Meters – but there are augers that exist that allow you to drill with more width and depth.

Any project that involves holes wider and deeper than those listed above will require a crane-attached or tow-behind model.

What Are Augers Most Commonly Used For?

Augers are mostly used for one thing – drilling holes. Some of the more typical industrial applications include drilling holes for solar posts, telephone poles, and deck posts to name a few.

Augers help save on time and labour, allowing for better workflow and continuity. As such, you’ll get the most value from this tool when multiple holes with the same diameter need to be dug during one project.

While these more industrial-focused uses are where augers tend to shine, they can be used in other ways, such as:

Why Buy an Auger With Us?

Augers are very versatile and can save you hours or even days of anguish backbreaking labour on the jobs where you would otherwise have to dig massive holes manually.

In a commercial sense, augers are typically used on construction sites or industrial projects to improve efficiency. Augers can also be used in smaller personal pursuits such as building a fence, planting crops, ice fishing, or even extracting maple syrup.

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