Spiral Augers

The spiral auger operates similar to a corkscrew and does not cut off the soil. The auger is usually applied when hard layers need to be penetrated. The spiral auger has a negative end, i.e. the centre of the auger end is whetted away. Its use is confined to auguring through very hard layers, e.g. bore ore, brick layers, chalk and lime profiles in combination with other auger types. The single spiral auger is standard equipped with a contact for electrodes.

This kind of auger can be a manually turned, handheld device, or powered by an electric motor or internal-combustion engine, possibly attached to a tractor. Handheld augers can also be used for making holes for garden planting.

Wood augers have a screw to pull them into the wood, as a gimlet has, and a cutting lip that slices out the bottom of the hole. The auger bit, meant to be used in a brace, also has cutting spurs to cut a clean circle deeper than where the lips scrape out the wood.

In construction, augers are used for special drilling rigs to dig holes, or augerating for deep foundation piles. Another use is for piles forming a piling retaining wall, which can be constructed in the same way as foundation piles.

Augers, either gas or hand-powered, are used by ice fishermen to drill holes to fish through. Drilling into maple trees to extract maple syrup is also carried out with the use of augers

Benefits Hand auger equipment

Our standard off-the-shelf augers have met or exceeded the needs of the Food, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty Aid Industries. Materials in the Food industry such as; Biscuit, Cake & Pancake Mixes, Spices, Cocoa/Chocolate Mixes to name a few.

Our design and quality surpasses the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry dispensing products such as Oral Antibiotics, Nutritionals, and various Medicated Powders.

The unique packaging designs in the Health & Beauty Aids industry challenge the engineering talents of most designers. Dispensing products like Baby Powder, Talc, Eyeshadows, and Shampoos are just some of the problems solved by using our augers.

Moving materials that have extremely caustic and/or include abrasive qualities similar to Drain Cleaners, Cleansers, Detergents and Toilet Bowl Cleaners we meet head-on with solutions. The Chemical industry, in fact, is a major user of our augers.

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