CNC Machining

Anyone responsible for planning the manufacturing of metal parts and components would want to know what benefits they gain using CNC machining. While the type of businesses and products differ, the CNC advantages are clear.

Advantages of CNC Machining

Precision Components:

The digital template and autonomous machining of CNC practically eliminate human error and achieve accuracy within 1/1000th.

Reliable Endurance:

CNC machines work around-the-clock daily, weekends and holidays. They only stop for needed maintenance or repair.

High Production and Scalability:

Once the design parameters and specification have been entered into a CNC machine, it consistently executes huge quantities and affords flexible scalability.

More Capability:

When used in tandem with advanced design software, CNC machines create outputs that cannot be replicated by manual machines. Even the most gifted engineers can't do with conventional machines what advanced software can do with CNC machines. These machines can produce any size, shape or texture needed.

Less Labour:

CNC machining requires fewer personnel to execute the production tasks. One skilled operator can run several of the autonomous CNC machines, and one programmer can get them loaded with the needed designs. A manual machine requires at least one skilled operator per machine plus usually a supervisor for the group. What you save on manpower can be passed along to customers, helping you achieve a competitive advantage.

Uniform Product:

When you choose the advantages of CNC machines over conventional machines, your CNC outputs match exactly. Even the most talented engineers on a conventional machine will produce components that vary slightly. With CNC machines, each part is a perfect match to the prototype's exact specifications.

Lower Costs:

The collective result of high speed, efficiency, specialization, precision and most of all, fewer labour hours, all add up to a better bottom line for your business. The lower costs, in turn, can be used to create a competitive advantage and business re-investment. Saving money or making more money is one of the popular benefits of CNC machining.

Fewer Headaches:

Manual machining serves many good purposes, but it remains forever susceptible to the human element. You're probably familiar with the financial and cultural headaches it can cause when there are periods when you're short staffed, have people out sick, or on vacation and operators who don't perform to expectations. CNC machining nearly eliminates those concerning issues.

Better Safety:

Along with an expedient production process and consistent pieces comes a safer environment. While there are operators involved in operating CNC machines, it's at a distance from the sharp tools, whereas the operators of conventional-manual lathes, drills, punches and other tools come into direct contact with the implement.

Design Retention:

Once a design has been loaded into the CNC machining software and a perfect prototype has been created, the program can easily retrieve the design to run it and create the object again. The master file ensures that regardless of external factors such as machine-operator changes, the CNC machining process produces a spot-on match every time. Additionally, there is no need to keep up with versions of the design that may exist on paper, a flash drive, a disk, other computer or elsewhere.

Low Maintenance:

The G-code-based software will automatically update itself when needed, and CNC machines generally do not require much service other than to change the cutting implements at the proper interval and do some light cleaning. None of the regular maintenance requires professional service, which saves money.


CNC machining itself creates virtually any component you can imagine. Some of the models include special features and accessories that further expedite and simplify the production process, for examples touch screens and automated tool changers.

A woodworking association surveyed its members, which include cabinet makers, architectural wood producers and others. A majority of them agreed on CNC benefits and advantages within their industry.

If you haven't looked into how your metal parts are fabricated, it could pay to find out if you are using CNC machining or not. There are a great many advantages to using CNC machines. If your business has a manufacturer that is not using them, you may want to find out why and consider a change.

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