Bottling equipment

From the cleaning to the capping

Bottling equipment includes a series of machines or plants realized to process the filling of bottles in beverage industries. It does not matter what size your business is: the bottling process always requires some necessary steps, each of them with a specific machine to perform it.

PPT Manufacturing bottling equipment

PPT Manufacturing boasts a years of experience in producing bottling equipment and bottle fillers for any industrial size, completely automatic and available with a high level of customization. All PPT Manufacturing's machinery is made with stainless steel AISI 304, one of the most resistant and hygienic alloys employed in industrial activities. Whether you are a small business or a big industry, PPT Manufacturing is ready to meet your needs and provide you with the best equipment for your bottling activity.

What to include in your bottling equipment:

1. Cleaning machine

The first machine among bottling equipment should be a cleaning machine, which is necessary to perform the preliminary rinsing of the bottles before the filling process. A cleaning machine is usually equipped with a variable number of grippers – depending on its dimension – that grab the bottles and rinse them by some nozzles, through which the cleaning liquid or air is sprayed.

2. Filling machine

The filling machine is obviously the heart of any bottling equipment. Through a conveyor, the bottles are moved under some filling valves that inject the liquid into them; sometimes, especially in beer processing, the filling machine also distributes a little amount of inert gas at the end of each filling, in order to scatter the oxygen from the top of the bottle to avoid the oxidation of the product. The best filling machines are equipped with a system to prevent the valves from working when no bottle is under them.

3. Capping machine

The capping machine is the last device you have to provide if you want to complete your bottling equipment. After the filling, the bottles move up to this last machine, where a cap is provided for each of them, sealing the liquid and making the product ready to be stored or transported elsewhere.

4. Additional machines

Bottling equipment could include some additional machines in case you have to perform particular processes on the beverage you are bottling. To obtain carbonated water or premix juices, you will need a saturation unit or a premix unit; a pasteurizer machine is used to pasteurize the packed bottles. There are also many other machines designed to perform specific tasks during the bottling, depending on the industry type.

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